Current Kit

Art Kit!

In the Art Kit, the following materials are provided-

8- Watercolor Painting Papers (heavy-duty)
4- Wooden Lollipop Sticks
6- Cotton Swabs
2- Coffee Filters
1- Small Dream Journal
The Almost Impossible Thing by Basak Agaoglu *Hardcover Book
The Amazing Collection of Joey Cornell by Candace Fleming *Hardcover Book
The activities in the kit include-

The Almost Impossible Thing Book with Read-Along Guide that include questions for engagement and comprehension.

The Amazing Collection of Joey Cornell Book with Read-Along Guide that include questions for engagement and comprehension.

Dream Journal Prompts- Writing prompts to encourage children to dream big with suggestions for younger children in the pre-writing stage.

Energy Bites Recipe- Cooking recipe to make oat and nut butter(or substitute nut butter) bite-sized snacks.

Growing Sugar Crystals- Science experiment in growing sugar crystals, that then can be eaten!

Paper Airplanes Games- This activity has some suggestions on folding paper airplanes with several fun games to play with the family using your folded planes.

Homemade Playdough Recipe- Step-by-step instructions to make our favorite homemade playdough!

Symmetry Math- Explore the concept of symmetry through a painting activity and a drawing activity. Provided are instructions for the painting activity and the two symmetry drawing pages. The pages have half of a picture complete and a grid for children to use to draw the other half. 

The Color Wheel- Learn all about the color wheel with this activity. Children will learn about the primary colors, secondary colors, and the tertiary colors. Children are provided a blank color wheel to color in.

Outdoor/Indoor Color Hunt- Using the color wheel, children can hunt for objects that match those colors. A great gross motor activity that can be done indoors or outdoors or a combination of both.

Coffee Filter Color Mixing- Practice color mixing with this activity.

These last four activities consist of information about an artist and Style or Period in which they painted in. Each activity has instructions to complete an art piece representing each artist.

Wassily Kandinsky- Circles

Claude Monet- Water Lilies

Georges Seurat- Pointillism

Jackson Pollock- Splatter Art

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